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We enjoy providing innovative industrial solutions. ADV High Speed Door provides a highly efficient Incold Zip K VRX K Series rapid roll up door constructed with cutting-edge technology. The Incold high speed door is the pinnacle of efficiency and excellence.

Rapid fold up doors are ideal for frequent use in windy areas or for larger openings.

Details of Our Rapid Roll Up Doors

The Incold Zip K VRX K Series high speed roll up door is a variant of the Zip K, with 304 10/10 stainless steel Frames, header and winding tube, and fibreglass canopy.

The door can operate internally or externally and at speeds of up to 2.5m/s in temperatures ranging from +40ºc to +1ºc. The door is specifically designed for the food industry and harsh environments. Food industry, kitchens, laboratories, and exposed areas prone to aggressive environments are ideal applications.

Our Incold Zip K VRX K Series Rapid Roll Door in London is one of the safest high speed doors on the market, as it comes standard with a sequential light barrier & encoder and a soft safety edge. Injury to pedestrians and stock damage are impossible with no hard edges and a self-repairing curtain.

The fully integrated Motor enables installation into Reveal & Face Fixes whilst improving the aesthetics of the door.

Rapid rollup doors

Certified Rapid Roll Up Doors

Our doors are certified with industry oriented certifications as follows-

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Built with Innovative Features

The Incold Zip K VRX K Series rapid roll up door is build with features such as-

We Built Doors with Customization Options

Our rapid doors comes with range of customisation options like Induction Loops, Pull Cord, Remote Control, Radar Heads, Push Button, Traffic Lights & Sounders, Inverter for Soft Stop / Soft Start 3 phase 380/415v, UPS Control Panel for Power Fail, and Counterweight System for manual operation if power fails.

Curtain and Shaft Details

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Discover the ultimate solution for rapid door needs with ADV high speed doors, where innovation meets industrial excellence. Our cutting-edge Incold Zip K VRX K Series rapid roll up door, crafted with state-of-the-art technology, redefines efficiency. Contact us.


ADV High Speed Door distinguishes itself through its commitment to innovation and industrial excellence. Our cutting-edge rapid roll up doors, outfitted with cutting-edge technology, sets new industry efficiency standards.

The highest priority is safety. Our doors include a sequential light barrier and encoder as standard, as well as a soft safety edge, making them one of the safest high-speed doors on the market. The lack of hard edges and a self-repairing curtain eliminates the risk of pedestrian injury and stock damage.

Yes, we provide a variety of customisation options for Incold ZIP K VRX K SERIES Rapid Roll Door in London, such as induction loops, pull cords, remote control, radar heads, push buttons, traffic lights and sounders, inverter for soft stop/soft start 3-phase 380/415v, UPS control panel for power failure, and a counterweight system for manual operation in the event of a power failure.

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