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Incold High Speed – We love to be the best, considering the same, we have the best quality, robust, technologically advanced and resourceful high speed roll up doors. What do we mean, when we say, ‘we are the best in class.’ Well, we focus on presenting our variety of rapid roll up doors.

Here’s what we have in store for you-


Let’s Talk About Above Ones in Detail

Incold High-Speed Roll-Up Doors is appropriate for smaller openings and buildings exposed to the outdoors, particularly in heavy winds.

ADV High-Speed Door provides a selection of High-Quality European Made Rapid Roll-Up Doors to fit openings up to 6 meters wide and 7 meters tall.


Incold INOX & Full INOX

These doors are specifically developed for the food industry and other environments where an aggressive climate needs greater protection. Manufactured from AISI 316 Stainless Steel / AISI 304 and Food Safe Curtains, the Inox & Full Inox are two of the most innovative rapid doors on the market.


Incold Zip

These Incold High Speed Roll Up Doors provide functionality and variety, and are perfect for high traffic areas, both internally and outside. The Zip rapid roll door comes with a-

  • Full Self-Repairing Curtain
  • Emergency Exit Curtain
  • Vision Panel configurations
  • Access and Safety Control devices
  • Zip Single Phase 220/240v Motor is available in 3 phase 380/415v and guarantees up to 600 cycles per day


    Incold Glide

    These doors permit for internal installation where space is limited. Glide is offered with either a Modular or Full Curtain Self-Repairing Curtain. There are VPs and full clear glass portions available, and all Zip Glide Roll Up Doors accept a wide range of Access and Safety Control devices. The GlideSingle phase 220/240v motor guarantees up to 300 cycles per day.


    Incold Freezer

    Ideal for cold storage and freezer facilities, the Incold freezer Incold high speed roll up doors works efficiently up to -25 celsius degrees. The special designed curtain material reduces condensation build up whilst the Control Panel offers Temperature Sensors for more responsive control.

    ADV High Speed Door - Best in the Business

    We, ADV High Speed Door are the approved distributor of rapid doors as well as genuine Incold high speed roll up door supplier of components and replacement parts in the United Kingdom.

    We offer the best-

    • Technical Support
    • On-Site Training and Installation Services

    All our services are carried out by fully qualified Incold trained engineers who possess CSCS, IPAF and ECS Certification. Our staff consists of trained engineers who ensure that all aspects of your training, installation, and support are completed to the highest professional standards.

    All of our rapid roll-up doors are custom-built to your specifications, but we can provide guidance and technical support to ensure you receive the appropriate door for the right application. Contact now!

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    The Incold Zip roll up doors provide functionality and variety, and are perfect for high traffic areas, both internally and outside. These are built with full self-repairing curtain, emergency exit curtain, vision panel configurations, and access and safety control devices.

    We aim to provide top-notch customer satisfaction and leave no stone unturned in achieving the same. We have the best customer support, we deliver the best emergency services from expert technicians for rapid roll up door near me.

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