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The Incold Pura K VRX K Series Rapid Roll Up Door has been a boon to the businesses. These shutters assist organisations in a variety of ways, from increased production to lower energy expenses. Let’s go over each one.

Regulations Check

ADV High Speed Door offers high-quality shutters and related services such as repair, maintenance, and replacement in accordance with British Government regulations. Complaint shutters are the best option for getting the most bang for your buck.

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Productivity at its Peak

Several workplace factors, such as appropriate and desired temperature levels, smooth insulation, less noise, and smooth operations, all contribute to higher production levels. Our rapid roll up door helps to keep track of all of these variables because it-

Extremely Energy Efficient

With the right insulation, businesses can save money on energy costs, and our Incold Pura K VRX K Series Rapid Roll Up Door in London does just that. Furthermore, when operating normally, our shutters use less energy. Overall, our shutters are the most affordable option.

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About the Incold Pura K VRX K Series Rapid Roll Up Door

The sheet sliding on grates distinguishes the Pura rapid roll up door. Designed to provide maximum sealing for internal applications in areas where specific environmental and hygiene conditions, such as laboratories, pharmaceutical industry buildings, or food handling areas, must be maintained.

The K line has a motor housed inside the winding tube, allowing installation in corridors and other tight spaces, and the opening speed has been increased.

The Incold Pura K VRX K Series Rapid Roll Up Door is intended for indoor use and is ideal for laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and food processing where a hermetic seal is required.

Even under high pressure washing, the 304 stainless steel structure ensures robustness and strength.

With pressure differences of up to 40 Pascal, the PURA K-VRX is designed to provide maximum seal.

The Hermetic seal is guaranteed by:

Technical Features

Following are the technical features of our Incold Pura K VRX K Series Rapid Roll Up Door

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Get Maximum Security Assurance, Connect Now!

It is one of the safest Incold Pura K VRX K Series Rapid Roll Up Door on the market because it includes a Sequential Light Barrier & Encoder and a Soft Safety Edge as standard. With no sharp edges and a self-repairing curtain, pedestrian injury and stock damage are impossible. Contact us.

If you are looking for the best quality rapid roll up doors, do not forget to get in touch with ADV High Speed Door.


ADV High Speed Door distinguishes itself through its commitment to innovation and industrial excellence. Our cutting-edge rapid roll up doors, outfitted with cutting-edge technology, sets new industry efficiency standards.

The highest priority is safety. Our doors include a sequential light barrier and encoder as standard, as well as a soft safety edge, making them one of the safest high-speed doors on the market. The lack of hard edges and a self-repairing curtain eliminates the risk of pedestrian injury and stock damage.

Yes, we provide a variety of customisation options for Incold ZIP K VRX K SERIES Rapid Roll Door in London, such as induction loops, pull cords, remote control, radar heads, push buttons, traffic lights and sounders, inverter for soft stop/soft start 3-phase 380/415v, UPS control panel for power failure, and a counterweight system for manual operation in the event of a power failure.

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