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Why Should UK's Businesses Choose ZIP Prime Rapid Roll Up Door?

The ZIP Prime roll up doors has been a boon to the businesses. These shutters assist organisations in a variety of ways, from increased production to lower energy expenses. Let’s go over each one-

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Productivity at Peak Level

Several aspects in the workplace contribute to improved production levels, such as suitable and desired temperature levels, smooth insulation, fewer noise, and smooth operations. Our Incold ZIP Prime rapid roll up door contributes to keeping an eye on all of these variables, as it-

  • Keeps the desired temperature level
  • Maintains a smooth insulation
  • Prevents outsiders from entering the premises
  • Quickly opens and closes

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Comply with Regulations

We, at ADV High Speed Door, provide best quality shutters and associated services such as repair, maintenance, and replacement in accordance with the British Government's regulations. Complaint shutters are the best option for receiving the most value.

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Highly Energy Efficient

Right insulation allows businesses to save money on energy expenditures, and our ZIP Prime rapid roll up door does exactly that. Furthermore, our shutters consume less energy when operating normally. Overall, our shutters are the most cost-effective option.

We Supply Certified Doors

We provide quality-oriented and certified doors that stand right on the quality assurance. Here are the certifications of our doors-

  • Manufactured to EN 13241-1 & CE Certified
  • Sequential Light Barrier complies to EN 12445 Safety Regulations
  • Wind Rating to EN 12424 Class 3 (up to 120 km/hr)


Some Features

Our most popular rapid roll up door is the Incold zip prime. Following are the features that make it the most resourceful door amongst all.

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Ideal for Cold Storage Facilities

We built and supplied the best solutions for cold storage premises that assures needed insulation and helps to save energy costs. We design the ZIP PRIME Rapid Roll Up Door in London to operate inside and externally in temperatures ranging from +40ºc to +1ºc at speeds of up to 1.5m/s.

So, if you own or manage a cold storage unit, or cold storage is the essential component of your supply chain, then ADV High Speed Door has the best options for you.


Some More Essential Details

Delivers Highest Security Assurance

It is one of the safest Incold ZIP Prime rapid roll up door on the market since it comes standard with a Sequential Light Barrier & Encoder and a Soft Safety Edge. Injury to pedestrians and stock damage are impossible with no harsh edges and a self-repairing curtain.

Some Extra Add-Ons for Maximum Security

We allow our doors to be compatible with other devices and systems to increase the security of a residential or commercial space. Our doors are configured with-

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If you are looking for a reliable ZIP Prime rapid roll up door but have not found the right one, then without further ado, connect with ADV High Speed Door.

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The ZIP Prime rapid doors operate inside and externally in temperatures, delivering higher productivity, energy saving and tight security.

A reliable Incold ZIP Prime has Integral Soft Safety Edge, Sequential Light Barrier & Encoder, Built In Emergency Stop Button, Integral Control Panel with Error Code Display, and much more.

We are the leading rapid roll up doors installation and repair services, as we have the best marketers, customer support function, reliable engineers and technicians and top of all the trust of our clients.

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