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One-Stop Solution To Incold High Speed Fold Up Doors

If you are looking for an unbeatable collection of Incold high speed fold up doors, then ADV High Speed Door is the place to be. We manufacture and supply the finest high speed fold up roller shutters.

Witness the power, innovation and durability with our high-speed shuttering solutions. We leave no stone unturned in delivering the best and most reliable rapid fold up doors.

We love to deliver solutions that aim to redefine your space; be it residential or commercial. Our doors provide good insulation, maximum security and reduce noise pollution.

ADV High Speed Door

Witness the Top-Level Performance

We design our high speed fold up roller shutters to deliver the maximum performance. Witness how Incold high speed fold up doors in London look like.

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Designed with Innovation

We incorporate innovation in our fold up shutters, it helps to bring the maximum performance. Innovation is the prime characteristic of our fold up doors. Install our shutters to experience the peak engineering, crafted with innovation, and delivered with excellence.

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Unbeatable Speed

Our fold up doors are the Usian Bolt of the shutter world. Quick and fast as lightning, speed lies in our name. Our shutter achieves the speed of 12-18 inches per second. Faster speed delivers higher insulation level, quick operations and higher productivity.

High Speed Roller Shutter Doors

Smooth & Precise Operations

We, at ADV High Speed Door, deliver Incold High Speed Fold Up Pack Doors that are crafted with a reliable mechanism for smooth operations. Our shutters deliver precision in motion.

Differentiating Features

Let’s see what makes our high speed fold up shutters different from the others available in the market.

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Efficient Solution for Optimising Space

Why our doors are the most efficient solution for space optimisation, because using our doors you get 11 metres wide and 7 metres high space.

Rapid Roll Up Door

Resists any Weather Type

Our doors are strong, stronger than you think, and strong enough to handle any weather condition. Our high speed fold up doors in London are great for large openings and exposed buildings, particularly in heavy winds.

High Speed Rolling Door in London

Multiple Options for Customisation

All of our rapid fold up doors are custom-built to your specifications. We also provide guidance and technical support to ensure you receive the appropriate door for the right application.

More About Our High Speed Fold Up Doors

Our high speed doors come with two variants – modular or full curtain. Panels are important; and our doors are fitted with-

Talking about the curtain, these are available in two types, i.e. standard and heavy-duty.

Also the vision panels can be Clear PVC, Black PVC or in Micromesh. You can screen print the panels with your company logo.

The steelwork of the Incold high speed fold up doors should match with the panels. You can use plain galvanised, stainless steel or PPC coated.

High Speed Roll Up Doors
High Speed Door Near Me

Install Extra Controlling Devices

Induction Loops, Sensors, Pull Cords, and Push Buttons are among the many access & control devices available. There are auxiliary goods available such as flashing lights, sounders, traffic lights, emergency overrides, and release systems.

There is a wide selection of safety edges available, including-

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We offer everything from high speed fold up shutter components & operators to high speed doors installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services. Contact us.


As their name suggests, these doors fold up in speed when given a command. These are made to ensure quick operations, desired insulation and minimum noise.

ADV High Speed Door’s shutters come with a reliance on lightning fast speed. Our shutter achieves the speed of 12-18 inches per second.

Our customisation options range from choosing panels to controlling devices. We also provide guidance and technical support to ensure you receive the appropriate door for the right application.

We are a company that highly focuses on customer satisfaction by delivering best quality services, by proficient technicians, and under best prices.

They could be, but not the shutters delivered by ADV High Speed Door. We aim to deliver the best quality shutters under minimum prices.

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