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Features of our Glide Full Inox Rapid Roll Up Door

While supplying the ADV high-speed door, we aim to deliver everything good a Glide full Inox rapid roll-up door has. Considering the same, we have the following list of features for you to understand the doors better.


Innovative Design with Certifications

Our rapid roll up doors are designed to operate internally and to offer high visibility to internal Areas where throughput is high. The door can function in temperatures ranging from +40ºc to +1ºc at speeds of up to 1.5m/s.

Our doors are fully certified with industry-oriented certifications as follows-

Benefits of Using Our Rapid Roll Up Doors

Our Glide full Inox rapid roll up door in London helps to transform the challenges into opportunities. We aim to provide the best services to the businesses. Here’s how the businesses get benefits using our rapid shutter doors. Let’s check out.

Better Climatic Control

Increase in Productivity

High speed doors indirectly contribute to increasing productivity levels, how? By providing a noise-free environment, maintains the much-need insulation, and delivers quick operations. The same goes with our doors.

Top-Notch Safety

Top-Notch Safety

Our doors possess a safe safety edge system that ensures that your place stays safe and secure from the potential damages like natural causes, theft or vandalism.

Increase in Productivity

Better Climatic Control

Not the natural climate, but the artificial one created within the boundaries of the premises. Our Glide fill Inox rapid roll up door is equipped with an integral control panel allowing more tight control over the operations, thus ensuring the best climatic control.

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We are a team of expert and experienced technicians, customer support and marketers of the high speed doors. We are the leading service provider for high speed roller door installation, repair and replacement services.

We, at ADV High Speed Door, aim to achieve the top level of customer satisfaction. We help our clients to get the most reliable solution in the quickest manner. We are just a call away; book your appointment now and get the best services. Contact us.


Our doors come with many additional features such as, manual override & emergency release functions, thermoformed abs motor cover, integral soft safety edge, sequential light barrier & encoder as standard, built-in emergency stop button, and integral control panel with error code display.

Our Glide full Inox rapid roll up door can withstand the wrath of wind class 2, which runs at the speed of 120.5km/hr. Even deadly winds cannot defeat the strong quality of our doors.

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