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Zip Exit Rapid Roll Up Door

Zip exit rapid roll-up doors are the best way to protect your commercial premises and your workers while also maintaining the aesthetics of the place.

The zip exit rapid roll-up doors protect the premises efficiently. They also maintain the aesthetic of the place, internally as well as externally. 

The roll-up doors can work in varying temperatures. Certainly, these can range from +40 degrees Celsius to +1 degrees Celsius. Additionally, they function at a high speed of up to 1.5 m/s. 

The zip exit rapid roll-up doors have an option of installation with a push button or induction loops. These are other options available for users to customize their zip exit doors according to their needs.

The doors have an extended aluminium column and wind shaft for protection against harsh weather or other accidents.

The curtains installed in the zip exit doors are specially designed. They are available in a size of 4500 mm W x 4500 mm H. These are also highly efficient for insulation for protection in case of accidental fires.

The doors come with an integral soft safety edge so you don’t need to worry about workers accidentally harming themselves. These edges provide an extra layer of very necessary protection if the heavy loading work is underway.

The rapid roll-up doors also have an integral control panel that can also display an error code.

What are the features of the Zip Exit Rapid Roll-Up Door London?

  • The zip exit rapid roll-up door has a thermoformed ABS motor cover with an electronic brake and absolute encoder. They have a single-phase motor of 0.75kw that requires 220 V to 240 V for operation.
  • They have an emergency stop button built in themselves. This is to control the situation effectively and manage it in case of emergencies like an electricity short circuit/ fire.
  • The roll-up doors have a manual override function as well as an emergency release function. This comes in handy in many situations and is important to ensure control in unexpected situations.
  • They are installed with fully self-repairing curtain doors. The heavy-duty velcro also keeps the breakout flaps in place when undergoing normal operations.
  • They have the capability of going up to three hundred cycles per day with just taking 1.5 m/ sec. This is one of the top speeds available in the market. 
  • The zip exit rapid doors work in all sorts of ranging temperatures. They will work efficiently in temperatures + 40 degrees Celsius.
  • The curtains of the rapid roll-up doors can be customized according to your want.
  • Additionally, they also have a sequential light barrier and encoder which is an ideal feature for a roll-up door.

Additional Options in the Zip Exit Doors for Installation

Yes, there are multiple additional options available for installation in the rapid roll-up doors. Some of them are-

  • The customers can get traffic lights and sounders installed if they want
  • It is possible to install a push cord with the doors
  • The doors come with an option to be installed with radar heads
  • There is a possibility of fully automating the doors. They have an option of being operated with a remote control.
  • They have a UPS control panel in case of power failures which can be installed if the user wants

Why Zip Exit Rapid Roll-up Door Installation is Important?

The zip exit rapid roll-up door in London is an investment because it offers its users with:

  • Protection
  • Internal and external operation
  • High-speed functioning door
  • Temperature control
  • Quick evacuation method in case of emergencies
  • Choice of colours
  • Built-in emergency stop button and other manual features
  • Multiple options are available for installation as per need

Hence, the zip exit rapid roll-up door is a great way to protect your premises while also not losing control. They employ the best technology out there to provide you with a rapidly functioning door. The best part is they keep in mind the need for manual control as well and don’t forego it.

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