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Freezer Prime Rapid Roll Up Door

London’s a bustling city, but keeping things cool can be a challenge, especially in cold storage facilities and freezers. Here’s where the innovative Freezer Prime Rapid Roll-Up Door in  London swoops in, saving the day (and your energy bill)! 

Speed Meets Efficiency – The Freezer Prime Advantage

Imagine a high-speed door that seamlessly integrates into your fast-paced London operation. The Freezer Prime Rapid Roll-Up shutter can operate from -5ºc to -25ºc at speeds of up to 0.8m/s. That’s lightning-fast compared to traditional doors, minimising cold air loss and maximising efficiency.

But speed isn’t the only trick up the Freezer Prime’s sleeve.  Here’s what makes it a perfect fit for London’s cold storage heroes:

Built to Endure the London Freeze

  • Impenetrable Seal – The Freezer Prime Roll-Up Shutter delivers a premium polyethene lower bar gasket and flexible breakout feet, which utilise a tough barrier to help prevent the cold from penetrating. It means the energy loss from the fridge transfer is minimal and all your important frozen food will stay in a perfect cooling state.
  • Unmatched Speed and Durability: Fast experience while opening the door comes with a speed of up to 1.5 metres per second. Consequently, fewer shutdown hours, better vehicular circulation, and higher productivity of your plant are the results you will experience. Furthermore, the freezer prime rapid roll-up door in London is engineered to be able to withstand up to 300 cycles each day–guaranteeing long-lasting performance.
  • Safety First: The issue of safety takes the main place in conditions of extreme temperatures. The main objective of Freezer Prime is this very thing: the encoder, the sequence of light barriers in the door that allows them to be closed accurately, and the quick response emergency button, to mention but a few of these provisions by this wonderful fridge, amongst all the other important safety features.
  • Seamless Operation and Easy Maintenance: The Snaplock System overcomes these challenges through the integration of a fastener-free device, minimising contamination risk and easing the task of cleanup. Moreover, its panel with PLC and temperature sensors articles to manage the operation and maintain a comfortable ambient temperature.

Intelligence and Control at Your Fingertips

  • Precision Temperature Management: An integrated control panel with PLC and sensors will give immediate temperature monitoring as well as control of the oven. Doing this not only facilitates precise changes but also ensures that your freezer is in perfect harmony with your items.
  • Unwavering Power: The power unit of the freezer prime rapid roll-up door in London is a high-performance 0.75 kW single-phase motor with an electronic brake that rotates on an absolute encoder. This heavyweight dovetails right in and provides for convenient and accurate handling of the most significant or strenuous tasks.

Designed for Seamless Operation and Easy Maintenance

  • Effortless Breakaway:  The innovative Snaplock System eliminates the need for fasteners, minimising the risk of contamination during installation and maintenance. This ingenious design streamlines the process and prioritises hygiene within your operation.
  • Heating Elements for Optimal Performance:  Fortified with optional heating elements in the motor gear, canopy, and columns, the Freezer Prime combats condensation build-up, a common enemy in cold storage environments.
  • Customizable Aesthetics:  While the standard PPC RAL 9010 white finish is sleek and modern, ADV High-Speed Doors understands the importance of visual appeal. You can choose from a variety of alternative RAL colours to perfectly match your facility’s aesthetics. We, at ADV High-Speed Door, have every customization option you are looking for ranging from, push buttons, remote controls, radar heads, induction loops, and pull cords, to traffic lights.

By putting together top performance, nice features, safety, and hygiene, the Freezer Prime Rapid Roll-Up Door in London takes the leading place of the refrigerated storage facilities that are in London.

Due to its unwavering capability to withstand the tough city environment, the Freezer Prime sets the optimal standards in terms of temperature control efficiency, energy optimization, and performance.

Thus, give up the fight against ineffectiveness and temperature regulations. Advanced your London refrigerated storage with Freezer Prime’s quick roll-up door.

You are welcome to contact us at ADV High-Speed Door for an initial consultation and see how Freezer Prime will help you to have a more efficient and effective operation in cold rooms.